Luxe Cuddle® Milan in Chocolate Brown Plush Minky


Including a bit of texture in a sewing project can make a dramatic difference, as it often adds much-needed depth to the overall look and feel! Our new Luxe Cuddle® Milan does just that. Our beautiful new Luxe Cuddle® Milan is slightly different than what you’re used to from us. In addition to a luxuriously-high pile, it’s knitted with elastic so it’s extra stretchy and cascades into a rippling effect.

We measure and sell Milan fully stretched, and in turn, Milan will be sold by retailers to consumers fully stretched. Please note that a one-yard stretched cut will yield about 26 inches relaxed, and a one-yard relaxed cut will measure about 48” when stretched.

This means that if you or your customers are making a throw, you’ll need to purchase about 30% more fabric for the measurement to be correct once it’s relaxed and ready to sew. For example, if you want to make a 60” x 72” back-to-back blanket, you’ll need to buy about 5½ yards of Luxe Cuddle® Milan (2¾ yards per side).

Besides luxurious throw blankets, Milan is perfect for anything from pillows to wearables like infinity scarves — just don’t forget to let it lay relaxed while sewing or cutting to keep measurements accurate!


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  • 1 Yard
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  • 2.5 Yards
  • 3 Yards
  • 3.5 Yards
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Product details:

Brand:  Shannon Fabrics
100% Polyester
Width – 58/60″
Pile: 15mm


Choose your Cut:
1 Yard……………….36″ x 58/60″
1.5 Yards…………54″ x 58/60″
2 Yards…………..72″ x 58/60″
2.5 Yards……….90″ x 58/60″
3 Yards………….108″ x 58/60″
3.5 Yards……..126″ x 58/60″
4 Yards…………144″ x 58/60″
4.5 Yards……..162″ x 58/60″
5 Yards…………180″ x 58/60″


If you would like to order more than 5 yards, you will need to select two of the cutting amounts that will add up to your desired amount.  (For example: If you want 7 yards.  Select 5 yards and add to cart, then 2 yards and add to cart.)
Multiple yards are cut as ONE continuous piece.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS:   Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors; No Fabric Softener; Tumble Dry Low: No Dryer Sheet