Slimline 3 LED Table Lamp by Daylight – Double Goosenecks for adjustable Light with 3 light settings


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Product details:

Thoughtfully designed and easy to use, the new Slimline 3 LED Table Lamp is the next generation of premiere lighting. The high power dimmable 6,000 K daylight LEDs will illuminate your workstation 50% brighter than its predecessor, while the new diffuser allows for an even light without casting shadows or glare. The Slimline flexibility is best in class, move the flexible arm to position the light where you need it exactly. The modern metal table clamp allows the Slimline 3 to clamp easily to your table, while the soft felt inside the clamp protects your table, workstation or desk from scuffs and scratches – all while taking up minimal space. The Slimline 3 Table lamp is an investment in the health of your eyes, your artistry and the growth of your business. Never change a lightbulb again! LED’s are designed to last 50,000 hours.

Technical Details
– Light source: LED
– Lumens: 1,065
– Lux at 30 cm: 3,000
– Colour temperature: 6,000 K
– CRI: 80+
– Energy consumption: 13W
– Colour: brushed steel
– LED rated life (hours): 50,000
– 4 steps touch dimmer: 3,000 – 2,000 – 1,500 – 750 Lux
– Maximum reach: 73 cm (29in)
– Height: 65 cm (25.6in)
– Width: 76 cm (30in)
– Depth: 2 cm (0.8in)
– Weight: 0.9 kg (2 lb)
– Cable length: 2.4 m (94.5in)

Key Features
– Aluminum shade with full length diffuser
– Better spread and diffusion of light
– 4 brightness levels
– Flexible joints for perfect positioning

Color: White
Made of: Plastic and Metal
Use: Lamp
Size: 25.6in x 30in x 0.8in
Included: One Lamp